Dan Watson

In Soviet Russia, Cummings reads you!

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The trip happened 80 years ago. I’m four days behind to the day. Let’s get it rolling, I suppose.

Day 2: May 11, 1931

Windmills! Reeling up–&-over-behind villages or standing soishly among sunful skies. An everywhere of fields,spattered with animals,pricked with beings. Big holes of air & crude blocks of land(I can almost smell this world). When the savage beings wear colours,the colours are hard red and tight blue. The gruesome faces of the tiny beings come at me immediately, genuinely,through Shutness. And(look)pinetrees are,whose here Thelike together creates an Aful leaning;and(there)specks(and look)browse all forming one direction. Rhythm:organic Is–neither fillable nor emptyable;actually(how clumsily)alive.


Written by Dan

May 16, 2011 at 8:06 pm

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